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With over 20 years experience working for leaders in the heating and gas industry, our team at JWD can give expert solutions to a variety of issues you may be facing in regards to your homes system.

Over time many heating systems will naturally build up with rust, oil, limescale and other debris that is caused just by running your heating systems, and these particles will break down into a slurry. Systems that have this build-up will have to work harder to ensure the correct heating output, and most likely will not work at a suitable rate. Power Flushing cleanses central heating systems, pipes and radiators, allowing them to run at the best possible efficiency and properly heating your radiators.

Power flushing entails using a machine to pump special chemicals through the system until all the unwanted particles are eliminated. This will then allow your radiators will to heat fully, and your system to run at the best possible efficiency. Unclogged radiators will heat over the entire surface, warming each room faster and using less gas, leading to better energy efficiency.

When having a new boiler installed, power flushing’s recommended beforehand so you can get the full benefit from your new Boiler and existing central heating system.

Power Flushing should always be undertaken by a gas safe registered engineer with the correct equipment and the real-world experience in using the procedure, something of which JWD excels across all marks with.

JWD can run an inspection on your heaters and advise on whether it would be suitable for your system to have a power flush to return to full working efficiency.  If you would like to discuss your power flushing requirements, or have any other queries in regard to the operation, get in touch with us today where we will be happy to go over your heating and plumbing requirements.

At JWD we can offer you a range of services in regards to the maintenance of your plumbing. Ensuring that your plumbing systems are running as efficiently as possible is vital for a functioning home. Your plumbing system is put to work every single day, supplying water to your residence and removing waste. Because of this, parts are likely to wear out and blockages can occur. By having regular maintenance on your system will minimise the risk of encountering serious issues or emergencies with your system.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry we can provide expert advice relating to the efficient running of your systems, covering common issues such as leaky taps to more complex procedures such as pipe replacement. No job is too big or too small, we welcome the opportunity to support households across a range of issues.

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