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Landlord and Annual Inspections

Making sure your residences are a safe place to be

Here at JWD, we can provide comprehensive checks on all relevant appliances to ensure that your properties are up to industry standards for all existing and upcoming property residents.

As we are Gas Safe Registered you can be assured that all checks will be in-line with the latest industry regulations and standards, and our team can supply you with relevant inspection certifications to guarantee this.

Regardless of whether you are a landlord for a domestic or commercial property, it is your legal obligation to have all gas appliances regularly inspected and safety tested by a Gas Safe registered engineer and obtain a CP12 certification for your properties.

To ensure your properties remain compliant with UK law, our engineers will check all gas fittings and appliances in your residences, ensuring they are fitted correctly, operating safely and running in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

Our certification checks will include:

  • Checking that all gas appliances are correctly connected to the mains gas supply (appliances include gas cookers, ovens, hobs, gas boilers, gas fires etc.)
  • Checking the pressure level of the gas against manufacturer recommendations
  • Testing flue flow
  • Ensuring that safety devices – such as Carbon Monoxide detectors – are in operation, are fully functional, and have not expired

Once we have checked all relevant appliances are meeting industry standards, we will then complete all necessary paperwork and provide you with a landlord certificate.

If we find that any additional remedial work needs to be carried out at another time, we can then arrange with you a suitable time to come back and carry out the repairs to ensure all appliances are meeting industry standards and secure the safety of your residents.

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